Delafield State Bank has created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to privacy. The following discloses our information gathering and dissemination practices for this website,

Privacy Mission Statement 


At Delafield State
Bank, our mission is to provide unparalleled service through Business
and Private Banking services and investment products. 
As financial service professionals entrusted with sensitive
financial information, we respect the privacy of our customers and are
committed to treating customer information responsibly. 

 Recognition of Your Expectation of Privacy

At Delafield State
Bank, we believe the confidentiality and protection of customer
information is one of our fundamental responsibilities. 
And while information is critical to providing quality service,
we recognize that one of our most important assets is our customers’
trust.  Thus, the
safekeeping of customer information is a priority of Delafield State

 Regarding visitors browsing Delafield State Bank’s web site

We will collect and
store the name of the domain from which you access the Internet. 
Delafield State Bank uses this information solely for monitoring
the number of visitors to different areas of our web site. We maintain
physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with Federal
standards and regulations.

 Information Delafield State Bank Sends or Receives across the
  The following section describes the
communication that takes place between your client and the server.

Logging.  Primary communication that happens between the
client and the server is known as logging. Logging informs the server of
various pieces of information so that services can be improved. Logging
includes such details as: connection time, Internet protocol (IP)
address, client version, client identification (ID), date, protocol, and
so on. Most information is neither unique, nor traceable to your
machine. The exception to the rule is the client IP address and the
client ID, both of which are used by the server to identify your
computer. The client IP is necessary in order to establish the
connection to the server and is known by the server when you connect to
the Internet Web site. Your client IP is known the minute you connect to
the Internet Web site. The client ID is constructed from a Globally
Unique Identifier (GUID). When logging on to the server, this client ID
is used to uniquely identify your connection. This ID does not contain
any Personally Identifiable Information. If you choose to send us an
e-mail through our website and you specify a return receipt, your return
receipt will be computer generated, not manually created by the receiver
of your message. Although we will respond to your message, we do not
keep a formal record of e-mail addresses or e-mail messages received.

Cookies.  Delafield State Bank uses the Internet as a
network and information source. When accessing the Internet, cookies may
be downloaded to your computer. A cookie is a small piece of information
that enables applications to understand information about your computer.
A cookie is not a piece of code. If you do not want cookies to be stored
on your computer, change your security settings. In Microsoft Internet
Explorerâ, on the Tools menu, select Internet Options,
and then choose the Security tab. Move the security level zone slider up
to high. On this setting, Web sites will not be able to send cookies to
your computer. Note: Changing the security level may affect the speed at
which your computer interacts with Web sites that expect to put cookies
on your computer. If you are not using Microsoft Internet Explorerâ,
please consult the manufacturer of your web browser for information
pertaining to security settings.

 Collection, Retention and Use of Information about You

We collect, retain,
and use information about you where we reasonably believe that it will
help administer our business or provide products, services and other
opportunities to you. We use information to protect and administer your
records, accounts and funds; to comply with certain laws and
regulations; to help us design or improve our products and services;
and to understand your financial needs so that we can provide you with
quality products and superior service.

 We collect
non-public personal information about you from the following sources:

Information we receive from you on applications or other

Information about your transactions with us, our
affiliates, or others

Information we receive from a consumer credit reporting

 Delafield State
Bank has established procedures to ensure that your financial
information is accurate, current and complete, in accordance with
commercial standards.  We
also pledge to respond to requests to correct inaccurate information in
a timely manner.

We continually
strive to maintain complete and accurate information about you and your
accounts.  Should you ever
believe that our records contain inaccurate or incomplete information
about you, please notify us.  We
will investigate your concerns and correct any inaccuracies. 

Regarding the sharing of personal information

We do not disclose any
non-public, personal information about our customers or former customers
to anyone, except as stated below and as permitted by law. 
We do not share your account number or access codes with outside
companies for purposes of marketing their products or services to you. 

There are instances
where it is necessary to provide personally identifiable information
about customers or former customers to third parties, for example,
companies that provide check printing or credit reports, bank auditors,
accountants, or attorneys.  The
information provided to them may include customer name, address, phone
number, and social security number. This information is obtained from a
customer application for a product or service such as a checking account
or mortgage loan.  These are
companies hired by the bank to support our services and they agree to
safeguard your confidential information and must abide by applicable

 Delafield State
Bank may share information about your account, account history, credit
report, or application information with other affiliated companies
within Delafield State Bank to provide you with various products and
services they may offer.  If
you do not want this information shared with our affiliates, check this
box and sign and date the form below and mail it to us at: Delafield
State Bank, Privacy Coordinator, 400 Genesee Street, Delafield, WI,


I do not want you to share my information with your affiliates.






 At the present
time, Delafield State Bank does not sell, give, or rent customer lists
(including former customers) to any unrelated company or
consumer-reporting agency for their independent use in offering their
products or services.  However,
there may be occasions in the future when Delafield State Bank may
choose to disclose non-public, personal customer information such as
address, phone number, account balance information to a non-affiliated
third party.  Before
Delafield State Bank makes any such disclosure, you will be notified of
the policy change and be provided with a notice that will allow you to
request Delafield State Bank not share this information with a third

There may be
circumstances where Delafield State Bank is legally required to disclose
information about you, such as through a court order, subpoena or
criminal investigation. 

Limiting Employee Access to Information

At Delafield State
Bank, we have procedures and security levels that limit employee access
to personally identifiable information to those employees with a
business reason to know such information about you. 
We educate our employees about the importance of confidentiality
and customer privacy. Employees who misuse, improperly access or
disclose confidential information will be subject to disciplinary

 Regarding sending e-mail to Delafield State Bank

A designated bank
representative will answer e-mail within 1-2 business days. 
We reserve the right to retain any e-mail communications. 
We may also retain e-mail addresses for the purpose of e-mail
marketing.  You may request to be placed on a “Do Not Mail” list by
including a statement to this effect on any e-mail correspondence. 
Should you make this request, we will not remove your name from
the “Do Not Mail” list, unless we receive express written
instructions to do so via e-mail.

 Regarding customers accessing accounts using Delafield State Bank’s
Internet Banking

Delafield State Bank
will require that a ‘secure session’ be established using SSL
(Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology. Account access is monitored
and authenticated at every point. Confidential user names and passwords
restrict account access.

 Keeping information accurate

We recognize our
responsibility to maintain accurate information. 
If you believe that your personal information is not correct,
please contact Delafield State Bank, 400 Genesee Street, Delafield,
Wisconsin, 53018.  We will investigate the situation and, if necessary, correct
inaccurate information as quickly as possible.

 Updates to this Privacy Statement

While we will never
change our fundamental commitment to protecting user privacy, regulatory
changes or other circumstances may require us to modify this Privacy
Statement.  In the event
that we do amend this Statement, we will post the amended Statement on
our web site at,
and the amended Statement will be effective 15 days after it is first