Financing Alternatives

For your financing needs, they offer business banking loans for a variety
of purposes, with flexible terms (subject to approval).

Revolving Lines of Credit – To support working capital needs.
Renewable annually, and generally extended on a formula basis with advances
made against eligible accounts receivable, inventory and other current

Term Loans – For equipment purchases, acquisitions, permanent
working capital and commercial real estate. Your line of credit can be
converted to a term loan.

Construction Financing – For industrial or commercial real estate.
Terms run from twelve to eighteen months with the option to convert to
a term loan upon the project’s completion.

SBA Loan Programs – For businesses that require a lower down payment,
smaller monthly payment and long-term fixed interest rate. These loan
programs are made available through the U.S. Small Business Administration
and local community development corporations.

Letters of Credit – Can be used to secure obligations or to insure
financial performance under a contract.

Dillanfield Banks Information & Terminology VISA┬« Corporate Card – To help your business
manage cash flow more efficiently. VISA® can bill each of your employees
or generate one master monthly statement.

Express Business Line – Offers you money when you need it. A pre-approved
line of credit for short-term working capital or other business purchases.
Since the line is tied to your Express Business Checking Account, you
will have easy access to your funds – and automatic overdraft protection.
Line payments are automatically deducted from your account on a schedule
that fits your needs.