Cash Services

When your business generates cash, you want it deposited quickly to begin

working for you. When you need cash, you usually need it fast. At Delafield

State Bank, they’ll design a cash management system that makes sense for


Courier Banking – They offer daily courier pickup of deposits at

your business. It’s convenient, and it ensures that your funds are invested


Connect 24/7 Internet Banking – View your account balances and
activity anytime with internet access. Transfer money between accounts or
even make loan payments.

Direct Deposit – Reduces the costs associated with check printing

and reconciliation with electronic credits sent through the Automated

Clearing House network (ACH). Available for payments of payroll, trade

payables, pensions and sales commissions.

Sweep Account – Eliminates multiple transfers by having your collected

balance in excess of a predetermined level automatically swept into an

interest bearing account, or against your line of credit to reduce

your outstanding balance.

Zero Balance Account – Deposits and disbursements from your various

checking accounts are transferred into your main checking account on a

daily basis.

Lockbox Service – Have your receivables mailed directly to the

Bank for deposit into your account. They process the deposits and return

the information to you on a daily basis.

CD-ROM Check Imaging – Allows your business to quickly retrieve

actual images of paid checks and research checks by amount, serial number

and account number.